Darrell Hale

County Commissioner

West Point Graduate. Successful Business Owner.
Family Man. Committed Christian.

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"As your County Commissioner, I promise to hold fast to the conservative principles of our community. I will continue to watch our tax dollars like a hawk. As a West Point graduate and a former small business owner, I know the need for committed public servants and common sense at a local level."

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Illegal immigration


County Government Reform

Property Rights (Eminent Domain)

Role of Government Power

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We need your help to win this race and keep Collin County the county we know it is. Please get involved and become part of my team to keep Collin County Red. We look forward to hearing from you!

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How To Vote

Step 1

Get Registered

Collin County residents should register to vote by following the link below. Voter registration is a hassle-free process that will get you ready to vote. Last day to register is Thursday, April 4th for Municipal Races.

Voter Registration Application

Step 2

Where to Vote Locations

Voters in Collin County are allowed to vote at any of the Vote Centers shown on the current link below.

Election Day Polling Places

Step 3


Add it to your calendar below! There are reminders set up to help keep you in the loop.  Early Voting Starts April 22nd through April 30th with Election day on May 4th.

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